Quality Control

***customer satisfaction
Each step is executed carefully to ensure the highest quality! Alongside the production of high quality products, the basic goal of CODAWELL is the competitiveness on the market, loyalty of their consumers and business managing in accordance with ethical principles.
In its business managing, CODAWELL has numerous standards and policies among which we emphasize:the Credibility Policy and the Client and Consumer Satisfaction Policy. We choose the best comprehensive, reputable, quality control program. Before any product be delivered, it must be pass stringent scientific tests first for:
***Physical properties:
extraneous material, taste, smell, texture, and color.
***Microbiological levels:
testing for bacteria, yeast, mold, ect.
***Chemistry properties:
testing for pesticide, heavy metal.
We have fully integrated growing and processing operations to control planting, harvesting, processing, packing and storage to ensure total quality control.
Every product you buy from CODAWELL passes strict quality inspection. Over the years we have built a futuristic quality system that ensures the product being always within the specification.
Every product you buy from CODAWELL is produced in compliance to global uniform food safety standards:HACCP, BRC.
Tempered through years’ operation, We have established mutually pleasant cooperative relationship with our customers.
Meanwhile, we have taken cooperation with professional material suppliers who are first class in food industry. So we are involved in the whole production management of products, to assure that standards and food safety are maintained right across the supply chain, all our products can be located and traced according to our traceability protocol. A monitoring system is used to guarantee free of pesticide.